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Terry Moore, LCAC
Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor

Terry Moore, LCAC
12-step fellowships are proven to be a highly effective means of self-help. Yet in the earliest stages of recovery, some are unwilling or unable to get help from a 12-step program and they seek formal treatment. However, many treatment programs are only temporarily effective at helping people. What happens when an individual leaves the controlled structure of a treatment program? Still in need of help and support, they may then turn to a 12-step fellowship. But often what they see and hear from the 12-step fellowship is completely different from what they learned, practiced, and relied upon in the treatment program. In fact, it may be completely contradictory. The result is a far greater chance of relapse.  I offer another option.  My counseling will be personal, with you individually, to help you "kick start" the process of making the changes needed to create a sustainable long-term plan of action for your own recovery and a life of peace, serenity, and happiness.  I'm not going to lie.  It's not simple like flipping a switch.  But it's much easier with the right help.  I'm doing it for myself.  You can do it too.

Help from my friends.
If you're already clean and sober but still having difficulty finding peace, serenity, and happiness then I may be able to help you too.  Many people who are clean and sober still struggle with relationship problems, feelings of shame, inadequacy, and self doubt.  Often this can make it extremely challenging to establish and stick to personal boundaries and to feel self confident.  You don't need to do it alone, I can help you.  I offer ongoing individual counseling, recovery coaching, and mentoring to help you move forward.  Recovery is about learning how to deal with life on life's terms to become content, joyful, and happy.

My approach is a blend of evidenced based counseling techniques combined with training to help you learn how to effectively use 12 step programs to achieve a sustainable, lifelong, recovery. To me the most effective addiction or substance abuse counselor serves as a professional temporary sponsor, like a mentor or coach. I teach you about the 12 steps, what the principles of the program are and how to use them in day-to-day life, what a sponsor is and how to find one, what are the benefits of one addict or alcoholic sharing with another, how does a support group help one help him/her self. Basic recovery, pure and simple. One of the primary evidenced based techniques I utilize is known as Twelve Step Facilitation.  Services are provided in person, by me, usually at my Greenwood, Indiana office.  If circumstances are appropriate, I can provide sessions online for some clients.

In my opinion, no one is capable of teaching how to accomplish the necessary changes to stay clean and sober more effectively than a person experienced at doing so themselves. I am a licensed professional sharing my own personal experience, strength, and hope. Sometimes those who haven't "lived it" themselves "just don't get it". I've been there, done that, and found a way to change my life. Thus I have compassion and understanding of the challenges you are facing. This kind of change is not easy, but it's certainly worth the effort. You can try to do it on your own, but that rarely works.  The kind of changes needed are a very arduous and difficult to sustain without the right support, guidance, and encouragement. In the NA Basic Text it states, "An addict alone is in bad company."  

Over the years I've encountered many who've had negatives experiences with over zealous religious fanatics at some twelve step meetings in the past.  Don't let that stop you from coming to see me.  I'm not like that at all.  You'll find me to be a very laid back and open minded on these issues.  I'm not at all into any fear based organized religion.  I'm very rational in my approach and interpretation of recovery programs and spiritual concepts and ideas.  The core of my beliefs are quite simple, "Treat others how I want to be treated".  It's okay with me if you believe in religion or if you don't.  I'm certainly not going to be pushing/pressuring religion on to anyone myself is what I'm saying.

I found my recovery and started working a 12 step program myself more than 30 years ago. After getting clean and sober at the age of 29, to fill the void of free time, I enrolled in college taking advantage of my Vietnam Era GI Bill veteran's benefits.  
My counseling career began more than 25 years ago while still in college, working as a Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant at a hospital based "inpatient" chemical dependency treatment center in northern Indiana. Shortly after graduating from college, I started and operated one of the first Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) in the State of Indiana.

Since then I have acquired treatment and counseling experience in a variety of roles, working in different settings. My first 5 years in the field were spent working as a Substance Abuse Counselor for a large hospital based treatment center. I have also worked as the Supervisor of Substance Abuse Services at an Indiana Department of Corrections prison, as Director of a small county Court Alcohol Drug Program, and as the owner of several State of Indiana, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Certified Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program.

I am a past President of the Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA). My credentials include ICAADA Certification as Co-Occurring Disorders Professional Diplomate, Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Counselor, and a State of Indiana Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor. To learn more about me personally visit the "About Me" page on my other website